Our Firm is established by a practical and results-focused team of experts ready to cover the needs of our clients and to meet all their expectations. As a result of our full and tailored services, we are always able to strongly protect and enforce all their IP rights in Mexico and abroad. We have a long-term experience, qualified people and reliable resources to guarantee our clients a full legal service in all industry sectors.


What makes us different from any other IP firm in our country, is that we have set out our Firm with a clear and unique purpose: to provide our clients with a full legal experience, in which long-term relationships and a unique personal attention to our clients are our priority.

We do not provide our services on a standard basis, we have innovated the way in which legal services are to be rendered, always further and under one clear concept: to make our clients' IP portfolio a well-aimed way to increase their businesses. We have understood that IP rights should not be limited to registration and protection strategies, but to maximize the business potential of our clients, establishing and maintaining a profitable and beneficial portfolio.

"Where business and law, find a way together"