True to our principles, all of our counseling and tailored strategies are conceived from a business and legal perspective. We are convinced that intellectual property cannot be deemed just from a legal perspective but also from a business point of view. For that reason, our added value consists in always seek profitable solutions to our clients within the scope of the law.

We are committed not just to offer the traditional services any other IP firm usually provides, but to go further and help our clients to achieve a well-structured legal, business and profitable trademark portfolio that may allow them to build a well-known reputation and personality in the marketplace. We are fully aware of the challenges that nowadays the consumers and industries require and, therefore, our team is well-prepared to advise any kind of client and companies of all sizes. We provide services to clients across a wide range of industries and at all stages of operation.


In GM we want to change the ordinary basis upon which IP has been handled by lawyers. We are different. We innovate. We are here to stay